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  • Jiangsu Green Power Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the demonstration intelligent workshop.
  • Recently, the Zhenjiang Economic and Information Committee released the list of demonstration intelligent workshop in Zhenjiang in 2017. Jiangsu Green Power Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as green power) has been recognized as "demonstration intelligent workshop" for ultra-thin and high-efficiency production workshop of double glass components.

    Jiangsu Green Power Technology Co., Ltd.'s "ultra-thin and efficient production workshop of double glass components" in 2017 was recognized as "demonstration intelligent workshop"! This indicates that the intelligent level of the green power production workshop is at the forefront of the photovoltaic industry.

    So, what are the auditing standards for intelligent workshop?

    1. Intelligent equipment widely used: automation equipment sets (production lines) accounted for more than 70% of the number of workshop equipment sets (production lines).

    2. Workshop equipment interconnection and interoperability: In the workshop, the number of production equipment networking accounts for 70% of the total intelligent and automation equipment.

    3. Real-time scheduling of production process: the output data of workshop can be collected automatically and transmitted in real time, and can be adjusted in real time according to the production plan.

    4. Material distribution automation: Two-dimensional code, electronic tags and other automatic identification technology facilities are widely used in the production process to achieve the flow of goods positioning, tracking, control and other functions.

    5. Traceability of product information: Intelligent technology and equipment are used to record product information in real time in key process, and traceability of production process and materials is carried out through product files.

    6. Intelligent monitoring of workshop environment: According to the characteristics and requirements of workshop production, equipped with the corresponding workshop environment (heat, smoke, temperature, humidity, harmful gases, dust, etc.) intelligent monitoring, regulation, processing system.

    7. Intelligent monitoring of resource and energy consumption: Establish a comprehensive energy management monitoring system, which mainly uses energy equipment to achieve real-time monitoring, data analysis and management.

    8. Design, development and production to achieve linkage and collaboration: According to the product structure, geometry, processing technology and other characteristics and operating environment, the application of intelligent design and development, process planning, modeling, simulation and other information systems.

    9. Intelligent after-sales service: Establish a user-oriented remote service platform to achieve remote monitoring and control of products, automatic fault analysis and processing, data mining applications.

    Intelligent manufacturing is a new trend of global industrial development. Green power will continuously improve the level of intelligent manufacturing and market competitiveness, play a leading role in the industry, and contribute to the innovation and upgrading of photovoltaic industry in Jiangsu Province.

    Jiangsu Green Power Science and Technology Co., Ltd. introduces the most advanced photovoltaic manufacturing equipment at home and abroad. At present, it has 600MW automatic intelligent production plant, green power is committed to the vision of "changing the world with clean energy"; adhere to the concept of "quality first, customer first, efficient management, reputation first" and strive to fight green power. The world's leading solar photovoltaic enterprises are the pioneers of photovoltaic green energy.

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